Boards & Commissions

Become a Volunteer Board Member

If you are a Deerfield resident interested in volunteering for a Village Board or Commission, please either complete the print application (PDF) or online volunteer application.

Board Specifics

There are 18 boards and commissions appointed to assist the Village Board in its policy-making decisions. While most operate at the sole discretion of the Village Board, some have specific duties and obligations established by state law. The overall communication process between the Village and its residents is enhanced through the voluntary service of more than 100 citizens who serve as advisors to the Mayor and Board of Trustees. All positions on these boards are non-salaried.

Public Comment Policy

On December 6, 2010, the Village Board adopted a formal public comment policy as required by state law. The following rules apply to speakers who wish to address a Village Board or Commission:
1. Speakers shall identify themselves and their address;
2. Remarks are limited to 3 minutes;
3. Remarks shall be related to a matter in the purview of the Advisory Board or Commission;
4. Speakers shall address the board and not the audience;
5. If the room has a podium, remarks shall be made from the podium. If no podium, the speaker shall make remarks from the location designated by the Board/Commission Chair;
6. Speakers shall return to their seat and/or leave at the end of remarks and questions from the Board members;
7. Speakers shall refrain from repetition;
8. Speakers shall not use profanity, intemperate language, nor engage in personal attacks;
9. Speakers shall respect the decorum of the public meeting and the authority of the Board/Commission Chair to decide questions of order.