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Over recent decades we have begun to recognize our impact on the earth. Open any paper, surf the web, listen to the radio, or catch the evening news: we are surrounded by information regarding the earth’s changing climate, the rapid depletion of natural resources, scarcity of fresh water, and smog laden skies, all signs of our impact on the planet. Our way of living often disregards earth’s natural systems focusing on creature comfort and convenience instead of living in concert with nature. To preserve the beauty and viability of our planet we need to live more sustainably.
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Just what is sustainability? It means using and preserving resources such that they do not become depleted or permanently damaged and requires the balance of environmental, economic and social demands.

Put Waste in its Place

Test your recycling skills with the Village's new waste sorting game! Sort items into the trash, recycling, yard waste bags and more. Click below to play!

Put Waste In Its Place

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