Compost Program

As part of the Village’s new contract with LRS, residents can place organics material and food waste out for weekly collection. Food waste  accounts for approximately 20% of all waste that ends up in landfills. With the organics/ food waste option, residents will now play a larger role in reducing this type of waste in landfills while helping reduce greenhouse gases.

Each single-family home will be delivered one 35-gallon cart to be used for organics (food waste/yard waste). Click here for a Compost Tip Sheet.

This service is provided as part of your regular monthly charges and will take place on the same day as your waste and recycling service. Yard waste included in the cart does not require a sticker.

Why Compost?

Organic (compostable) material, such as yard waste and food waste, account for 24.9% of all the landfill waste in Lake County. Diverting organic materials to a compost bin means that our landfills won’t fill up as fast. Instead, food waste can be turned into healthy soil that can be used on farms and in many other ways.

 Composting conserves regional water consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When food decomposes in a landfill with no oxygen, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas that traps 85% more heat than carbon dioxide. Keeping foods and landscape waste from the landfills reduces methane gas.

Helpful Links to Get Started

SWALCO (Solid waste Agency of Lake County) Guide for Food Waste and Composting 

SWALCO - Video (Getting starting with Food Waste)

Village of Deerfield Recycling Tip Sheet

Lakeshore Recycling - Deerfield

Compost Tool Kit