Solar Incentives

A Path to Affordability and Sustainability

Solar incentives in Illinois include programs and policies strategically designed to foster the widespread adoption of solar energy systems. These initiatives extend financial benefits to homeowners and businesses embracing solar panel installations, which may include rebates, grants, tax credits, and performance-based incentives. The primary goal is to enhance the affordability and accessibility of solar installations, thereby promoting a transition towards cleaner and renewable energy sources in Illinois.

Utilizing solar incentives empowers individuals and businesses in Illinois to trim down their electricity costs, diminish their carbon footprint, and actively contribute to forging a more sustainable energy future.

Illinois Incentives & Rebates

Program Incentive Type Description Occurrence Estimated Dollar Amount You Can Recieve Learn More
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Federal Offers a credit to your tax liability for 30% of your entire system cost One-time: Gets applied to your tax bill when you file your taxes for the year you install your system $7,740 on average in Illinois

Illinois Shines Program Distributed Generation (DG) State Provides credits for all solar production, which you can sell for a profit Ongoing: You will continue to earn credits for all production over the first 15 years of system ownership Varies based on the size of your system, your total energy production rate and more DG
Illinois Shines Program Community Solar (CS) State Provides net metering credits through shared solar installation without on-site equipment

Ongoing: Subscribers continue to earn net metering credits while remaining a subscriber Varies, subscribers are expected to save 10 to 20 percent on electricity produced through their community solar subscription CS  MC2
Illinois Solar for All (FSA) State Offers an accessible payment plan for low-income solar customers One-time: Goes into effect when you register for the program and install a solar electric system Varies based on the size of your system, your average monthly electric bill and more FSA
Solar Property Tax Exemption  State Waives all taxes on your property for the value added to your home by your PV system Ongoing: Prevents your property taxes from increasing due to the bump in real estate value for as long as your system operates Varies based on your system size, system installation cost and your local property tax rate ISEA
Illinois Net Metering (INM) Local Provides credits for excess energy production, which can be used to pay down future bills Ongoing: This perk is always in effect, so you’ll consistently get credited for excess power you send to the electric grid Varies based on your monthly utility bills and your average rate of solar production INM

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