Utility Inspections

If you are unfamiliar with the Village of Deerfield specifications regarding water, storm sewer, and sanitary sewers, please do not to hesitate to schedule a preconstruction meeting with a representative of the Engineering Department.

General Conditions

  • When an inspection is relative to new home construction or renovation, approved engineering plans are required on site.
  • All excavations within roadways must be backfilled with approved stone and compacted to 95% proctor.
  • Roads must be plated until drivable. After November 1, it is required that all plates be counter sunk.
  • Road closures are not allowed without permission of the Engineering Department.
  • All services must be located within easements or within property lines “extended” into the right-of-way. No crossing of neighboring parkways is allowed.

Water Services

  • Water and sewer services must maintain 10 feet horizontal separation or have an 18 inches in vertical offset.
  • Minimum residential service connections must be One and one half inch minimum size.
  • When an existing service is abandoned, it must be terminated at the main.
  • The new service connection must be no less than 18 inches away from existing connection.
  • All water services must be one continuous piece from corporation to curb stop.

Sanitary & Storm Services

  • Six-inch minimum size in public right-of-way.
  • Existing services must be terminated at the main by:
  1. Screw plug
  2. Hydro plug
  3. Remove and replace the section of main with a new section of pipe
  • Services are required to be PVC SDR 40, PVC SDR 26 or ductile iron pipe.
  • All connections are to be gasketed joints with no shear fittings.
  • New connections done at the main should be in PVC including Tees and Y's; connected by no-shear fittings. Inserta Tees® and saddles may be used with inspector approval. New sanitary connections at the main require Y connection.
  • If the existing sanitary main that is to be connected to has previously had a cured in place pipe liner installed, then the new connection will be required to use an LMK LMT™ (Lined Main Tap) Saddle System or approved equal. For more information regarding this installation, click here or go the LMK LMT™ (Lined Main Tap) Saddle System website here
  • All work conducted in and within 3' of the street must use approved compacted stone for backfill. For work, all spoil must be hauled off sight and back filled with FA6 granular fill within the parkway area.
  • Sanitary services must be cast iron or ductile iron through the foundation wall and 10 feet past foundation over-dig.
  • All pipes must be bedded in stone up to the spring line of the pipe.

Rough Grading Inspections

  • Approved engineering plans required on site at all times.
  • Site must be graded as reflected on the approved engineering plans.