Site Management

Construction Management Requirements

  • Authorization must be given for Village personnel to enter and take action in emergency or violation situations.
  • Six-foot high chain link fencing or solid perimeter fencing must be provided. Less may be required for smaller projects.
  • The fencing must be gated and the gate locked at the end of every workday or when no responsible persons are on site. Failure to lock the fence will result in a one-day stop order and require the payment of $100 locking service fee to remove the Village's lock.
  • A site plan must be submitted with the building permit application which shows the proposed location of the security fencing and the tree protection fencing.
  • Trees in the right-of-way must be protected. Fencing must be placed along the perimeter of the critical root zone of each tree. The critical root zone is determined by extending one foot of radius for every one inch of tree diameter of trunk from the tree as measured 41/2 feet above existing grade at the bottom of the tree. The root zones of trees located on adjacent properties to the construction site whose root zones extend into the construction site must also be similarly protected.
  • Dumpsters and portable toilets are required. A plan must be submitted along with the building permit application which indicates the proposed locations of the dumpster and portable toilet. All dumpsters must be covered and enclosed.
  • Building permit applicant is responsible for the immediate restoration of all off-site areas disturbed in conjunction with the permitted construction activity.
  • A haul road must be provided if driveway is not used.
  • Sidewalks and other public property must be kept safe and free from mud, dirt, and debris.
  • A construction traffic routing and parking plan must be submitted to the Police Department. Protective devices and flaggers may be required if street is to be blocked.