Parkway Tree Maintenance


Parkway trees are planted to replace a tree that was removed, to fill in parkways or in coordination with the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program. A wide variety of high quality species specifically grown for parkways are planted. The Village offers a program that encourages the planting of parkway trees. The 50/50 Parkway Tree Program divides the cost of new parkway trees evenly between the Village and individual homeowners.

If you are interested in participating in this program, contact the Village at 847-945-5000 and request a "50/50 Parkway Tree Packet". This packet includes information on the varieties of trees available, as well as an order form. Orders are taken during the summer months, and the trees are planted in mid-October. All trees are balled in burlap, guaranteed for one year and planted by public works personnel in the Village right-of-way.


Parkway trees in the Village of Deerfield are pruned to improve tree structure, enhance tree vigor, increase aesthetic appeal, provide adequate clearance, and maintain safe conditions in the right-of-way. It is especially important to prune young trees to develop a strong form and improve longevity. Dead and weak branches are removed to prevent the spread of decay to the rest of the tree, and to decrease the chances of storm damage. Branches that detract from the natural beauty of a tree are removed to maintain the crown shape and symmetry typical of the species. In order to facilitate movement of pedestrians and cars along Village sidewalks and streets, trees are pruned up to remove low branches and improve visibility. The Village implements a 4 year pruning cycle from this point forward meaning all parkway trees will be pruned once every 4 years.


To ensure and preserve the health, safety and aesthetic value of the parkway trees, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. The three most common causes for tree removal are infectious disease, structural weakness from decay or storm damage, and tree decline or death. Structural weakness from decay or storm damage can weaken a tree’s stem or root system. To avoid large sections of the tree from falling or to prevent the entire tree from toppling over, these trees are removed. Trees that are declining or dead are also removed to avoid large sections from falling onto the public areas. Overall, annual tree removals typically average 1 to 2 percent of the total tree inventory.

Storm Damage and Debris

The Street Division is responsible for the clean up and removal of fallen branches and debris from the over 23,000 public parkway trees along Village streets. Residents are encouraged to report broken branches or storm damage to public parkway trees to the Public Works Department at 847-317-7245.

The removal of branches and debris from private trees and vegetation is the responsibility of the property owner. The Village will not pick up private vegetation stacked in the parkway.

50/50 Parkway Tree Program

The Village also offers a 50/50 Parkway Tree Program and will pay half the cost of 1 tree per residence, per year, to be planted in the parkway.