Flood Plain Management Efforts

Deerfield’s Flood Plain Management Efforts Earn Lower Flood Insurance Rates for Residents

Program Implementation

Deerfield’s long term commitment to aggressive flood plain management has been recognized yearly by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) who has certified the Village’s efforts in achieving a Class 6 rating by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System was implemented in 1990 to recognize and encourage community floodplain management that exceeds the minimum National Flood Insurance Program standards. Since the Village’s voluntary participation in the program began in 1993, the Village of Deerfield has undertaken a series of meaningful activities to protect residents from flood losses.

Extra Efforts

Some of these extra efforts include:

  • More restrictive floodplain regulations
  • Increased flood protection such as higher freeboard requirements, compensatory storage for fill placed in floodplains, and higher substantial improvement requirements
  • Construction of the Lake Cook Road at Pfingsten Road Storm Water Detention basin
  • More frequent inspections and maintenance of creeks and other storm drainage facilities
  • Continual outreach programs regarding community floodplain construction regulations
  • Continual education of the public in regard to flood insurance availability and requirements
  • Providing assistance to property owners in determining if their property is located in/around a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).
  • Preserving floodplain (currently 236 acres) as open space


There are currently 20,100 communities nationwide in the National Flood Insurance Program but only 1,048 participate in the CRS program. Of those 1,048, only 100 have achieved a CRS Class rating of 6. What all this means is that any homeowner in the Village of Deerfield who must carry flood insurance because their home is located in a SFHA receives a 20% reduction on their flood insurance premiums. Homeowners outside of the SFHA who choose to carry flood insurance will receive a 10% reduction in addition to the reduction already offered to them due to their reduced risk policy.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the National Flood Insurance Program please contact the Department of Public Works and Engineering at 847-317-2490 or visit the Village of Deerfield's Flood Information page on our website.