The Engineering Division provides civil engineering assistance to other Village departments, residents, builders and developers. As such, the division oversees the design, development, and construction of public facilities and capital improvements for Village projects and private development projects within the Village. These facilities include roadways, water supply, wastewater treatment plant and storm drainage. In addition, the division is responsible for issuing permits for any work to be performed on Village property or within the Village right-of-way. This division also secures funding for projects, often from outside agencies (state and federal sources), and prepares all required project documentation and regulatory agency reports.

 The division's activities can be divided into 4 main areas of responsibility:

Capital Improvement Project Planning & Management

  • Current Project Information & Schedules
  • Contractor Details & Specifications
  • Complete Street Policy
  • Site Management Requirements

  • Residential & Commercial Development Plan Review

    Construction Guidelines & Permits

    Maps and Additional Information