Lafevor Farm

Lafevor Farm is intent upon feeding your family the best produce, free of pesticides and non-GMO seeds, to help your grow strong and healthy. We see the merit in a return to simpler times when truck farms provided much of our food, like farmers markets today. A time when we could see the farmer who harvested our food and say hello to him, or her, when we purchased it. Lafevor Farm provides this. We strive to practice farm integrity by utilizing crop rotation, compost and cover crops. This gives our farm no need to use sprays! Our mission is to provide beautiful, nutritious food and interface with those who purchase it, to make the most of what we have and use it to the benefit of your family and ours. 

Farming has been in the Lafevor family for generations. Mark, Mark’s father, Larry, grandfather Paul, and great grandpa John, were all farmers raising beef cattle, dairy cattle, hogs and chickens. Each generation of Lafevors had large vegetable gardens, so the family’s food supply was generated at home. We continue this tradition!