Elsie Mae's Canning & Pies

As Kelly was growing up, she was always helping her grandma with the gardening and canning. Today, Kelly is still canning—and baking pies! The business is named after Kelly’s “granny”. Kelly hasn’t changes much in what she does in the kitchen; just the quantity! Kelly and her staff work making a variety of seasonal pies and jams. Kelly picks various local foods, mixes them together in amazing combinations, and flavorful jams and pies are the result. Ingredients for the jams and pies come from Wisconsin and Michigan. Strawberries come from Berryville Farm, while apples and pears come from Brightonwoods Orchard—both are located in Kenosha County. Kelly’s family (which now includes her son Esox) travels to Michigan a few times each year for tart cherries, blueberries, and purple plums. The trips have become a new family tradition, rather than just a trip to pick up supplies. They truly know where, and who, the food is coming from. “We know the farmers, and all their kids’ names, and what varieties they’re growing,” Kelly says.  

Website: https://www.elsiemaescanningandpies.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elsiemaes.canning/