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Career Transition

"Hi Deerfield! My farm land has been in the family for a very long time - since 1925. It was not until 2011 that I decided to quit my other job and start my farming endeavor. This will be my third full season farming and wow, it has been amazing thus far!

Location & Services

My 8-acre operation is located in unincorporated Prairie View (next to Lincolnshire, IL) and is expanding every year. I am what many consider to be a small “specialty farmer” only growing the best of the best in heirloom produce, eggs, and honey. I grow all naturally, using row covers and organic sprays to bring my crops to high end Chicago restaurants and a few farmers market in the area. My products have been featured on former presidents’ plates and on the menus of some of the best rated chefs in the world!

Natural Produce

My customers are absolutely in love with my produce. I pride myself on being one of the closet farms (if not the closest farm to the Chicago land area). Being so close gives customers peace of mind knowing they are getting a fresh, sustainably raised product produced from a truly LOCAL farmer! Our philosophy is to grow crops the way they should be grown starting from the seed. Our NON-GMO (Genetic Modification) line is pretty extensive and as natural as it gets. I pride myself on the fact that I am doing my part to grow healthy, local food using no deadly chemicals, unlike conventional farming methods.


For those who are chicken enthusiasts… look no further. We take pride in our feed ratios, giving our hens exactly what they need in their diet. Given plenty of fresh air, room to roam, and sunflower seeds, our girls live a spoiled life. We don’t believe in clipping wings or trimming beaks…. Happy hens make for some amazing eggs! With over 160 girls on the farm, we have the ability to sell over 100 dozen eggs per week… now that is something to cluck about!

So whether you’re interested in our fresh honey, amazing eggs, or our impressive variety of heirloom vegetables, we hope that we can shine at your farmers market! Feel free to stop by, say hello, and get to know your farmer! If you want transparency in your food, it can’t get much clearer than Frillman Farms. We make sure to put the customer before the chicken or the egg!

See you down on the farm!"

Tim Frillman - Frillman Farms LLC
~Know your farmer, know your food~