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Aug 16

Construction Update for week of August 16

Posted to 2021 Street Rehabilitation Project by Tyler Dickinson

Ambleside, Dimmeydale, and Windcrest
Directional boring for street light conduit began today and weather depending, is expected to be completed by the end of the week. Next week, the contractor will be paving the final surface course. Additional notification will be distributed once the final paving schedule has been determined.
Greenwood Avenue
With the completion of the final surface paving last Friday, this location has been substantially completed. The remaining parkway restoration and site cleanup will be completed as weather allows. 
Elder Lane
Last week, the contractor completed the curb installation on the north side of the road. Today, the contractor is working to install the curb on the south side of the road as well as the remaining driveway apron and sidewalk locations. Later this week, the contractor will begin pavement removals. Additional notifications will be distributed prior to the start of this work. 

Sep 13

Surface Paving Now Delayed to Wednesday & Thursday

Posted to 2022 Street Rehab Project by John Guccione

The paving contractor notified us this morning, that they will be delayed arriving in Deerfield.

Please see the revised paving schedule provided below.

WEDNESDAY: Gordon Terrace and Plumtree 

THURSDAY: Charing Cross and Price Lane

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Jun 25

Stormwater Management Plan REPORT

Posted to Deerfield Village Wide Drainage Study by John Guccione

In early 2020, the Village initiated a contract with an area consultant to developed a Village wide Stormwater Master Plan. This plan is designed to analyze and model the Village’s storm sewer system to determine deficient areas and provide improvement recommendations to those areas.  In all, there were 42 flood study areas that were identified where detailed drainage analyses was performed.

This plan has been submitted and reviewed by Village staff and is in its final draft form. As public input and resident interaction was a large part of the historical data collection, the Village is making the final draft available to residents for a 30 day public commenting period. During this time, residents are encouraged to review this report and provide any comments or questions to Village staff. The Village understands that this study and its associated computer model may not fit every situation perfectly, but the Village hopes that the information contained within the report is informative and helpful.

Public comments and questions can be emailed to the Engineering Department at Please include "STORMWATER MASTER PLAN" in the subject line when sending in comments. Comments will be accepted until July 26th.