Community Police Liaison

Bond Between the Department & the Neighborhood

The Community Police Liaison (CPL) program is designed to strengthen community relations between the residents of Deerfield and the members of the Deerfield Police Department. The program’s intent is for the Deerfield Police Department to provide a specific officer to an assigned subdivision or neighborhood with the simple goal of addressing minor concerns and challenges within that specified part of the community. This Officer would be the Department’s liaison for neighborhood leadership to contact.

Through this program the Deerfield Police Department seeks to:
  • Eliminate minor issues and challenges within the neighborhoods
  • Enhance community relations and communication
  • Establish contacts within the community
  • Maintain trust and transparency
  • Take ownership of assigned neighborhood

Some examples of minor concerns and challenges are:
  • Chronic animal concerns
  • Parking violations/concerns
  • Traffic signage concern
  • Vacation residence watch

The department currently has 3 communities with Police Liaisons: Briarwood Vista, North Trail, and Coromandel, with the intent to expand the program in the future.