With respect and dignity, the Deerfield Police Department will provide professional and ethical services through partnership with citizens and proactively identifying risks to Deerfield's quality of life.

Ongoing Goals

The Police Department has identified 9 continuing goals that help accomplish this mission:
  • Prevention of crime
  • Apprehension of offenders
  • Recovery and return of property
  • Safe movement of traffic
  • Provision of services unavailable from other public and private welfare agencies
  • Prevention of substance abuse in the community
  • Education of juveniles, informing them of their legal responsibilities
  • Education of the public in the steps it can take to reduce the probabilities of becoming the victim of criminal attack
  • Participation in the implementation of disaster and disorder services

Community Policing

The Deerfield Police Department strongly believes in the philosophy of Community Policing. We hope that by incorporating the theories of Community Policing within the department, the community will form a partnership with their police and both community members and police officers can work together to form a safe and vibrant community.


Core values guide and inform all of an organization’s interactions and reflect assumptions about the agency’s identity. The Deerfield Police Department has identified the following values needed to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Professionalism in day-to-day activities of law enforcement and serving the community
  • A community that is safe for its residents and visitors
  • A balance of service, training, career development, and personal time that provides staff with the opportunity for success at the work place and home
  • Human rights that are the foundation of the country and society