Patrol Division

Patrol Operations is comprised of 3 shifts that are responsible for patrolling the streets to serve and protect the community. The patrol section responds to all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, enforces statutes and ordinances and investigates crimes. The patrol section’s responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:
  • Patrol residential subdivisions and commercial businesses
  • Respond to calls for service
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Field Training of New Recruits
  • School Crossing Guard Program
  • Evidence Processing
  • Community Relations
The patrol officer’s professionalism, attitude, and timely response to incidents continue to develop positive relationships between the citizens of Deerfield and the Deerfield Police Department. The Patrol Section places a strong emphasis on community involvement and ensuring the quality of law enforcement services provided is of the highest standard.

Special Assignments within the Patrol Division

Bike Patrol

Officers are assigned to the Bike patrol during the summer months to assist the patrol division with its community policing effort. Bike Officers speak to neighborhood groups, participate in business and civic events, consult with social agencies, and take part in education programs for school children.

Community Service Officer

Community Service Officers are civilian employees who assist officers with certain patrol duties; lock outs, disabled motorists, evidence processing, etc.

Field Training Officer

Field Training Officers (FTOs) serve an important role in the development of new officers. FTOs train new police officers in areas of internal policy and procedures, police operations, and community awareness.

School Resource Officer

In 2013 the Deerfield Police Department partnered with Township School District 113 and appointed a Deerfield Police Officer as a School Resource Officer (SRO) in Deerfield High School. The assignment of an SRO is intended to strengthen the Police Department’s bond with the High School through daily interaction with students and staff. Deerfield High School currently provides a safe learning environment for its students and the SRO position helps maintain that safe environment as well as act as a preventive tool for potential incidents. Having an SRO on-site is a proactive way to prevent and solve crimes that may occur on campus.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit focuses on traffic safety issues including but not limited to:
  • Acts as a Liaison With the Village of Deerfield Safety Commission
  • Citizen Traffic Complaints
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Traffic Safety Education

Truck Enforcement Officers

Several of our officers are trained second division truck enforcement specialists.

Specially Assigned Units

Officers are also assigned to special units such as:
  • Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group
  • Lake County Major Crimes Task Force
  • The Major Crash Assistance Team
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement