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Business Facade Improvement Program Survey

  1. Introduction

    As part of our continuous economic development endeavors, the Village of Deerfield would like you to participate in a BUSINESS FAÇADE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM SURVEY.   In partnership with the DBR Chamber of Commerce, the Village would like to gauge interest in a 50% rebate program.  The rebate program would cover up to half of the cost of eligible building and site improvements (up to $100,000) to assist property and business owners to improve the character and physical appearance of their buildings. The program’s intent is to create a positive visual impact and stimulate private investment leading to economic revitalization in the Village’s business districts.  

    Eligible improvements must be located on the building’s main entrance and/or visible from the frontage of a building or right-of-way, and enhance the appearance of the building.  Program funds would be used exclusively for exterior improvements.

    All responses due by Friday, October 8.

  2. Examples of eligible project proposal items:






    ADA Accessibility Features


    Patios or Outdoor Spaces


    Exterior Entryways



    Gutters and Downspouts 


  3. Examples of ineligible uses of program funds:

    Interior Improvements 

    Routine Maintenance

    Roofs or Roof Repairs 

    Subsurface Drainage Work

    Structural Foundation 

    Improvements on Residential Properties

    Interior Lit Signs 

    Non-Permanent Fixtures

    Interior Window Treatments 

    Business Equipment or Supplies

  4. Respondent is the:
  5. Property Type:
  6. Is your building at least 15 years old?
  7. 1. Would you participate in a Façade Rebate Program as described above?
  8. 2. Looking at the chart of eligible project proposal items, how likely are you to invest in building or site Improvements over the next 1-3 years?
  9. 3. If the Village were able to provide financial assistance in the form of a rebate, up to 50 percent of the cost, would you be much more likely to make the improvements listed above? (Skip Question 3 and 4 if you checked “Very Likely” on Question 2)
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