Leaf Collection Program

Fall Program

The Village’s annual leaf collection program provides residents with an alternate way to dispose of their leaves. Residents who do not mulch or bag their leaves may simply rake leaves to the curb or carriage walk line the night before their scheduled pickup. Leaves should be placed in piles no greater than 5' in width. Beginning the week of October 30 and continuing through November 30, 2023, Public Works crews will make one pass by each house in the Village each week during the program. Please do not put out leaves more than one day prior to your scheduled pickup day. Vacuum hose machines are used to pick up leaves. Leaves should be raked neatly, as close to the curb as possible, so long as they are not placed in the street or on carriage walks or sidewalks. Doing this causes safety hazards to pedestrians and drivers.

Crews will not follow the normal collection schedule during the week of Thanksgiving, but will still service every street in the Village. Therefore, it’s important to have your leaves out by Monday morning of this particular week.

The map provided highlights the quadrants of the Village and their associated pick-up day of the week. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at 847-317-7245.

Leaf Collection Schedule


Tips & Reminders

Here are some reminders for leaf pickup:
  • If you have landscapers, please direct them to abide by the Village's leaf collection guidelines.
  • Do not park on the street the day of your pickup. Crews cannot remove leaves on a parkway that is blocked by a vehicle parked on the street.
  • Do not rake grass clippings, sticks, rocks, branches or mud to the curb with your leaves. These materials clog and damage the equipment used for collecting leaves. If these items are found, the leaves will not be removed.
  • Try to put leaves out each week, if possible, so that crews are not overloaded at the end of the program.
  • If a crew starts to pick up in an area before they are scheduled to do so, they will also return on the scheduled day.
  • Inclement weather may delay pickups, but crews will make at least four trips through your neighborhood.

Following the final pickup in your neighborhood, remaining leaves must be bagged and a yard waste sticker adhered for regular refuse collections on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.