Solicitor Permits

Peddlers & Commercial Solicitors

Information herein is intended for Quick Reference. For complete guidelines as listed in Village Municipal Code, please contact Village Hall at 847-945-5000. Peddling and Soliciting for commercial purposes is regulated within the Village of Deerfield.

Peddlers and Solicitor Regulations

Peddling is defined as the sale or offering for sale of property, for immediate delivery from other than a fixed place of business on private property. Commercial Soliciting is defined as the selling or offering for sale of property for future delivery from other than a fixed place of business on private property or the soliciting of funds not involving the sale of property. Peddling and commercial soliciting does not include the sale of goods by local not-for-profit organizations organized for educational, religious, or other charitable purposes.

Every person engaging in the business of peddling or commercial soliciting must obtain a permit from the Village of Deerfield. Each person needs to complete the application, submit a letter from their employer authorizing them to solicit and submit a state-issued photo ID (valid driver's license or State ID is acceptable). Each applicant must submit background check results from the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification, which may be done by submitting the results from a state-approved Livescan vendor to the Administration Department. The background check results must have been issued within the past 90 days prior to submission. The Village has five business days to respond to the request. There is a $50 (non-refundable) fee per person for a 90-day period. Commercial solicitation and peddling is permitted 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

A list of state-approved vendors can be found at

For more information, contact Deputy Village Clerk Daniel Van Dusen at or at 847.719.7404.

How to Prevent Solicitors at Your Home

To prevent solicitors at your home,  prominently display a no soliciting notice on or near the main entrance by way of a sign measuring at least 3” x 4” in size. No soliciting notices should read in letters at least 1/3” in height “No Solicitors Invited” or comparable language. A link for a printable "No Solicitors or Peddlers" sign can be found on the bottom of this webpage. It is illegal in the Village of Deerfield to solicit at a location where proper No Soliciting signage has been posted. With or without a sign, residents should not ever be afraid to exercise boundaries with solicitors by refusing to answer their door or by politely stating ‘no thank you’ or ‘not interested’ and shutting and locking their door.       

Solicitors must adhere to the following guidelines and rules regulating door-to-door solicitation:

  1. Must cease solicitation upon owner or occupant request
  2. Must obey posted “No Solicitors” signs
  3. Must carry and display their permit while they are soliciting
  4. May only ring bells, knock or engage with residents for solicitation between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.    

If a solicitor does not display and cannot produce a permit, they may not be licensed to solicit within Deerfield and may be reported to the Deerfield Police Department by calling (847) 945-8636.  Please scroll down to see a list of current solicitors license holders. 

The Village encourages residents having complaints about aggressive or deceptive practices of a business to file a consumer complaint with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at (800) 243-0618.  

Constitutional Rights of Solicitors

The First amendment and the U.S. Constitution protect the rights of door-to-door solicitors and preclude the ability of a community to ban or significantly limit door-to-door sales.   The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld free speech for commercial purposes and the Village’s ability to restrict commercial door-to-door solicitation is limited to local regulations restricting the time, place and manner of door-to-door solicitations.  Homeowners and occupants, however, do have the ultimate right to determine whether solicitors shall or shall not be invited to their residences or property.

Current Solicitors Permit Holders:

Alexis Rosario - Aloha Construction, Inc. - 12/11/23 to 3/10/24

Edgar Melchor - Power Home Remodeling - 12/11/23 to 3/10/24

Tyler West - Power Home Remodeling - 12/11/23 to 3/10/24

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