Why should I recycle?
Recycling is good for the environment and a good business practice that customers appreciate, but it can also save you money! Recycling reduces the amount of material you throw in your garbage container. Less garbage may allow you to reduce your container size and/or pick up frequency. The result is lower cost. For example, if you do not recycle, 2 cycles at 2 times a week, will result in $74 per month. However, if you recycle, this will result in 1 cycle at 1 time a week, for $28 per month. This saves you $552 per year.

Additional recycling services beyond the free recycling container (4 cycles 1x/week) may further reduce your overall monthly costs. A representative from Lakeshore Recycling Systems will work with each business to determine the potential cost savings associated with recycling.

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2. Why should I recycle?
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