Does the Village reimburse motorists for damage caused by potholes?
Most potholes develop during the freeze/thaw cycles during the winter and early spring months. Potholes can also be caused by a weakened road base from moisture and heavy vehicle traffic. Motorists who see a pothole should immediately to report its location to the Deerfield Public Works Department at 847-317-7245 or to the Police Department at 847-945-8636 so it can be repaired.

Please be advised that the Village of Deerfield, like many communities, does not reimburse motorists for damages that may be caused by a pothole unless the Village has been notified of the pothole and has not acted to secure or repair the site within 48 hours of being notified. Any motorist that strikes a pothole should call the Police Department to make an accident report. An accident report from the Deerfield Police Department will aid in substantiating an insurance claim, and it will serve as notice to the Public Works Department which can then send a crew to either barricade the hole or immediately patch it.

If a vehicle sustains damage, the motorist may also want to contact their insurance carrier. For insurance purposes, take photos of the damage and get multiple estimates of any needed repairs.

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