Construction Site Management

Permits & Regulations

The owner/applicant of the property for which a building permit has been issued shall maintain the site and adjoining public ways and public property in a safe and clean condition. All permitted construction sites and areas adjacent to the construction site are required to be in compliance with the minimum standards and requirements set forth in Chapter 6, Article 11, of the Village of Deerfield Municipal Code.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Facilities for the Collection and Removal of Debris
  • Loading and Storage
  • Protection of Public Property and Landscaping
  • Sanitation
  • Security Fencing
  • Traffic and Parking Control

This is in effect until construction of all improvements on the site has been completed and, if applicable, a certificate of occupancy has been issued.


Owner/applicant of the property for which a building permit has been issued shall provide the director of building and zoning with a telephone number for 24 hour emergency contact with the owner/applicant or the general contractor. Upon notice to the owner/applicant that the site is not in compliance with the requirements of the Municipal Code, owner/applicant shall cause the site to be brought into full compliance with the requirements within 24 hours.


As a condition of any building permit issued for a permitted construction site, the owner/applicant authorizes the Village and its officers, agents and employees, in the event of any emergency, accident or violation of codes and ordinances that affects or threatens to affect the site or surrounding areas to the detriment of public health, safety and welfare, to enter upon the site and to take such actions as may be reasonably necessary or appropriate to respond to the emergency, accident or violation of the codes and ordinances of the Village of Deerfield.