Commercial Space Availabilities

Information for Opening a Business in Deerfield

Valuable Resources

Find links to information regarding available commercial space known to the Village of Deerfield staff. The map shows the locations of available properties and the spreadsheet lists the contact information and further details about the available spaces. Also provided is a map showing Deerfield's proximity to nearby highways.  For detailed average annual traffic counts in Deerfield, click here for access to IDOTs interactive GIS map.  (Enter Deerfield, IL in the search function on the interactive map.)

Lake County Information

Lake County Partners provides a property search feature where you can search for tenant space, buildings, or land in Lake County. Search the Lake County Partners website and type "Deerfield, IL" into the search bar. (Please keep in mind that properties located north of Lake Cook Road are in Lake County, and properties located south of Lake Cook Road are in Cook County.)

Lake County Partners

Lake County Partners is an economic development organization that facilitates capital investment and new jobs in Lake County.