New & Existing Businesses

Business License Form

To obtain a license for your business or to renew your business license, fill out the form here

Business Registration

The Village of Deerfield has an Ordinance requiring all businesses within Deerfield to register with the Village's Police Department. The reason for this legislation is two-fold:
  1. To have on file the names and phone numbers of business owners to contact in the event of an emergency; and,
  2. To assure that businesses required by law to pay sales tax are doing so.

Fines For Non-Compliance

There is no fee associated with this registration. It is merely an effort to garner basic information needed by the Village. However, registration is required by law and those who do not comply are subject to a fine of up to $500.

The Form

Accordingly, if you have not already done so, you are urged to complete the Business Registration Form (PDF) and either mail or fax it to the Village of Deerfield. Please note that this form is not the same as the Business License Application. Should you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at 847-945-5000.

Zoning Check

Important: Prior to filling out and sending in the business registration form, you need to contact the Village’s Community Development Department at 847-719-7484 to check the zoning to verify that the proposed business use is allowable under the Village’s Zoning Ordinance.

Taxes & Revenue

Note: Retailers must obtain a Business Tax Identification Number from the Illinois Department of Revenue, and register the business’ name with the Secretary of State’s office as well. For the Department of Revenue, call 800-732-8866 or 217-782-3336. For the Office of the Secretary of State, call 312-793-3380.