• Woman smiling holding produce and a green bag
  • Child concentrating on an item
  • Plants at the market
  • Colorful produce and people milling about
  • Red and white produce under red awning
  • People browsing through goods
  • Rows of green vegetables
  • White tent at the market
  • Vendors and customers
  • Vendors and customers from a slight distances
  • Customer in hat, holding produce
  • Green plants in buckets
  • Woman and vendor near produce
  • Vendors and customers with yellow and green produce
  • Information booth with trustee
  • Two boys in a stroller with an octopus balloon placed over them
  • Cartons of tomatoes
  • Loaves of bread
  • Boy in green sweatshirt with monkey balloon
  • Green plants and small pumpkins
  • Man in sunglasses holding purchased produce
  • Young girl with balloon hat and small balloon animal
  • Customer buying from a vendor
  • Three children in a pen with a puppy
  • Cobs of corn
  • Groups of different colored plums

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