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Village of Deerfield: CRC Student Commissioner Application

  1. Details

    The Village of Deerfield Community Relations Commission (CRC) is seeking applications for two open Student Commissioner position on the committee: (1) one Sophomore and (1) one Junior position. Applicants should be involved in (or have an inclination for) community and civic activities: such as (but not limited to), athletics, individual and community-based service, organizational projects, & service for the overall betterment of the community as a whole.

  2. Functions and Duties

    The CRC Student Commissioner shall assist with the following functions and duties:

    1. Study and recommend means of developing better relationships among all residents in a diverse and inclusive community of Deerfield.

    2. Encourage residents to be "service-oriented" in the opportunities to assist one another in the community and the neighborhood. 

    3. Promote and support initiatives with federal, state and local governmental agencies, commissions, businesses, schools, civic and religious organizations, neighborhood and community events aimed at increasing goodwill and civil engagement among the residents and the global community at large. 

    4. Recognize and approve honors or awards for persons, firms, or entities that serve or advance understanding, mutual respect, cooperation and positive relations between and among residents of Deerfield.

  3. Deadline

    Applications are due February 10, 2023. The candidates will be selected in March.

  4. Meeting Times*

    I understand that the CRC meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. and that I am able to attend meetings at that time.

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