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Vendor Registration Form

  1. Vendor Registration Form

    In accordance with the Illinois Public Act 102-0265, the Village of Deerfield is required to make a good faith effort to collect and publish certain demographic information provided by our vendors and subcontractors. We are now required to report whether the vendor or subcontractor is a minority, women, or veteran-owned business as defined by Illinois Law. In addition, we are required to disclose if the business is certified as a small business under Small Business Administration standards. We are kindly asking our vendors to provide us with current business information.

  2. Business Type Classification Indicators*

    Please indicate your classification indicators as defined in the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act (select all that apply):

  3. Classification Certification*

    For your selected classification categories, does your business hold any certifications? Or, are you self-certifying?

  4. Small Business Qualification*

    If you selected self-certifying as your certification classification, does your business qualify as a small business under Federal Small Business Administration Standards?

  5. Data Access: Once data has been collected the Village will publish business demographic information on its official website.

    Questions: Should you have any questions regarding the vendor registration form, please contact Finance Generalist Valery McAvoy at or 847.719.7436.

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