GreenSpot Farm

GreenSpot Farm is a small-scale market farm located in Woodstock Illinois about 45 miles northwest of Northbrook. The farm began about 5 years ago growing on just under one acre of land and recently we have acquired 2.5 additional acres for expansion, which has been a major focus over the past year. The goal of GreenSpot Farm is that all production aspects on the farm utilize a natural and regenerative farming process. This means working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, animals, and microorganisms to grow high quality produce without the use of outside inputs such as synthetic fertilizers and chemical pest controls that are typically found with conventional farming. Low and No-till practices are used to help encourage microbial life and build a healthier overall structure within the soil, additionally cover crops of buckwheat and clover are used in areas that don’t currently have a crop and throughout the off season. All plants are started onsite from non-GMO, organic and/or heirloom seeds from a number of resellers and fellow Master Gardeners in McHenry Co. The garden plots are all amended with compost annually from Midwest Organics Recycling along with compost created on site. Any inputs that are used on the veg plots are 100% natural and/or OMRI listed. To help with lowering the use of water during the season the majority of the growing plots utilize drip irrigation, which can help conserve 40-50 percent in water needs. Additionally, rainwater is captured in a 1500-gallon tank and used as much as possible in the drip system. 

The mission of GreenSpot Farm is to be a local source of high quality traditional and heirloom vegetables grown using safe, natural and organic principles that result in food that contributes to not only a healthy diet but also helps improve the land being used and environment for future generations.