Vendors with Pre-Ordering Options

Vendor Pre-Order Placement Pre-Order Payment
3D Baking Email: 

Venmo or cash upon market pick-up 
4 Elements Bath Products Online:
Call: 773-238-BATH

Online or upon market pick-up 
Chopping It Up Online: 
Call: 847-962-0721

Online or upon market pick-up 
Dulce Caramel Online: Online (make a note that the order is for a Deerfield Farmers Market pick-up) 
Elsie Mae's Canning & Pies Online:  Online
Farmer Nicks Email:
Call or Text: 815-451-5084

Email or upon market pick-up 
Patz Maple & Honey Products Call: 847-702-4980  Cash or credit upon market pick-up
Green Cuisine Email:  Upon market pick-up 
Maija's Families Foods  Email:
Call: 815-409-0813

Over phone or upon market pick-up 
Nal's Kitchen  Online: Online
Nana's Rum Cakes  Email:
Call: 847-508-2081

Over phone, email, or upon market pick-up 
Natural Environments Email:
Call: 847-508-2081

Cash, check or credit card upon market pick-up 
Noffke Family Farms Email:
Call: 269-313-0570

Upon market pick-up 
Oosterhoff & Son Online:  Online
Tastebudz Email:
Call or Text: 847-322-7623

Over phone or upon market pick-up 
The Soft Wave Fish Co.  Online: 

Up In Smoke Creations Email:
Call: 312-675-2620

Upon market pick-up 
Will Power Your Day Email:
Call: 847-902-0664

Over phone or upon market pick-up