Local Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

West Deerfield Township

The West Deerfield food pantry is in dire need as the number of food insecure community members rises. They have a donation table under a tent in back and need canned chicken, canned tuna, canned sardines, canned salmon, packaged bread, oatmeal, pasta, pasta sauce and jelly/jam. Monetary donations can be made on-line here.

The Township is also looking for volunteers to deliver food and perform regular well-being phone calls with senior residents while they stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Residents can register here to get a senior phone buddy during this pandemic. For the food delivery, the food is picked up outside of the Township office and delivered to the residents’ doors without need for person to person contact. Participants are required to sign a volunteer waiver before participating. This form will be sent to the Township to coordinate deliveries. Residents can register here.

Southeast Lake County Faith in Action Volunteers

Southeast Lake County Faith in Action Volunteers is a non-sectarian organization that has been serving older adults since 2004. Faith in Action has taken the steps to add six, new contactless services to help meet the needs of older adults in our community during this challenging time:

  • arrangement of and/or reimbursement of transportation costs for medically necessary appointments
  • up to $500 grant for professional caregiving following hospital discharge for low income adults
  • grocery shopping and delivery
  • prescription/healthcare deliveries
  • social phone calls/telephone reassurance
  • home delivery of donated books

For more information and for regular updates of new services added, please check their website at www.fiahelp.org and click on the Coronavirus Response link. Residents can donate and register to volunteer on-line.

NorthShore University Health System

As a trusted nonprofit healthcare partner in this community, NorthShore University System wants to assure you that they are boldly tackling this health crisis. One example of their determination to lead is that they were the first hospital in the state to develop and deploy an in-house test, working in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health. They are happy to receive support from the community and can accept financial donations, food donations or donations of supplies on the current list of needs

Click here for more information.

United Way of Lake County

Lake County’s health and human service organizations are experiencing an unprecedented demand for services from neighbors and communities significantly impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

It’s critical these organizations have the resources they need to continue to operate at the highest capacity.
Your donation will support the agencies that are ensuring our neighbors can access critical needs in this time of crisis, including emergency food assistance, rental and stable housing assistance, utility assistance, access to health care, and the many unforeseeable needs that are beginning to arise and are being identified through the 211 information and referral helpline.

Click here for more information.

Trinity International University

Trinity International University has over 170 international students from nearly 40 countries, plus many families that live on campus or in close proximity.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Trinity has moved to remote instruction. It is uniquely difficult for the internationals because by federal law, they are not allowed to receive employment outside of their university campus. Most events and activities that international students work at, which fund their jobs, have been canceled due to the outbreak, leaving many out of work. To add to that, more than 30 families rely on weekly food donations brought to campus from food banks. With the current crisis, many of these donations are no longer available.

Trinity is seeking individuals and churches to partner with us in serving our students in need. We are seeking the donation of cash to cover food, rent, and basic expenses for the students with the greatest need, as well as re-employ a number of international students looking for work in temporary positions. If you prefer, we are accepting donations of groceries, and basic household items to be distributed to our international students and their families. 

Click here for more information.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the most at-risk people in our community stay safe at home, while getting the supplies they need. It works by connecting local volunteers who can run critical errands, such as grocery shopping, with the most vulnerable members of our community. If you or someone you know needs help, fill out a request. If you are healthy and able to volunteer, please sign up to help. Together, we can help flatten the curve of COVID-19 by protecting our community’s most vulnerable.

Website: https://helpinghands.community/

The idea behind the organization is to help the most at-risk in our communities (60+, immunocompromised) who cannot (and should not) go out in public during this crisis. They will register a FREE request for help (groceries, medicine, etc) and a healthy, local volunteer, also registered, will be matched to them to service their request via the website’s technology. Our service is uber-style and keeps communities safe and protected. We now have 1500 people signed up in 44 states (including DC) and have made a many matches throughout the country. The experience is 100% contactless and all volunteers adhere to strict CDC guidelines.