Woodland Subdivision Water Main Replacement Project

The Village of Deerfield is pleased to announce the execution of the 2019 Woodland Subdivision Water Main Replacement Project. The project schedule is currently being finalized and will be presented at the public meeting. 

Residents who reside within the construction limits have been mailed invitations to the project-related public meeting that will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting will take place at Deerfield’s Village Hall, located at 850 Waukegan Rd. The first 30 minutes of this meeting is specifically set aside to discuss the water main installation within the Woodland Subdivision.   At 7 p.m., residents from all street rehab locations will begin to join the meeting. 

The Woodland Subdivision Water Main Project is a separately executed contract which focuses specifically on the installation of water main. However, the roadway will also be rehabilitated as part of the 2019 Village of Deerfield Street Rehabilitation Project. Therefore, residents within the Woodland Subdivision Water Main Project limits are also advised to read the information provided on the 2019 Street Rehabilitation webpage.

Water main replacement locations:

Hawthorne Place (Woodland to North Ave) Water Main Replace, Resurface w/ Spot Repair to Curbs 
Oakwood Place (Woodland to North Ave) Water Main Replace, Resurface w/ Spot Repair to Curbs 
Woodbine Court (North Ave to Woodland) Water Main Replace, Resurface w/ Spot Repair to Curbs 
Woodland (Wilmot to Stratford) Water Main Replace, Resurface w/ Spot Repair to Curbs 
Please be sure to read this important notification regarding “Upcoming water main project.”

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that a construction project will soon begin on the water system in your neighborhood. Work may result in sediment, possibly containing lead in the water supply when water service is turned off and back on, if you have a lead service. Additional notices will be sent out when water services are turned off and back on. The Village is dedicated to providing water that is clean and safe for you to use. Ensuring that our customers have accurate and timely information about the operation and maintenance of the community water system is also important. The construction project is scheduled to begin next week and expected to be completed by the end of August. 

In the past, lead was used in some water service lines and household plumbing materials. Lead in water usually occurs through corrosion of plumbing products containing lead; however, disruption (construction or maintenance) of lead service lines may also temporarily increase lead levels in the water supply. This disruption may be sometimes caused by water main maintenance/replacement. Lead plumbing was used in homes built in the early 20th century. In the 1960s, the use of lead pipes was phased out and the US Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of lead pipes in construction in 1986. All properties that are found to have a lead service will be notified of this at the time of discovery. 

Having a lead service does not necessarily mean you will have lead in your water. It does however indicate that you may be at greater risk if your lead service line is disturbed. As you are aware, elevated lead levels can have health consequences, especially if consumed by young children. If you have a lead service, here are a few preventative steps to help reduce your risk from lead exposure:
  • Run your water for a few minutes to flush out lead after periods of non-use, such as first thing in the morning, after work, and returning from vacation. Flushing times may vary depending upon the length of your lead service and the plumbing configuration of your home.  If your home is set far back from the street, a longer flushing time may be needed to reduce lead levels.  
  • Always use cold water for drinking, cooking, and preparing baby formula. Lead dissolves more easily in hot water and boiling water will not remove lead. 
  • Periodically remove and clean your faucet aerators. 
  • Have your water tested. Since you cannot see, taste, or smell lead dissolved in water, testing is a good way of telling whether lead is present or not. 
    • While the Village does not perform testing in-house, below is contact information for laboratories in the area that perform this service (cost for testing can vary but typically range between $20 and $100):
      • McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory, McHenry, IL (815) 344-4044
      • Suburban Laboratories, Inc., Oakbrook Terrace, IL (630) 613-9632
  • Replace the entire lead service line.
The Village of Deerfield would like to thank you in advance for your patience through this important improvement to the Village’s water supply system. If you have any questions regarding this notification or the construction project, feel free to contact Tyler Dickinson, Staff Engineer at 847.719.7463.
Moving forward, all future notifications will be provided using the Village email notification system. The Village will be sending out email notifications to those who have subscribed to receive them. Residents are able to subscribe to email notifications here.   

Please be advised that multiple email addresses may subscribe per household. Therefore, please be sure to add emails for all individuals that reside in or visit your property regularly.

The Village appreciates your effort in helping to complete this improvement. If you have any questions or require special assistance during construction as a result of a disability, please contact the Village of Deerfield Engineering Department at 847.317.2490 and request to speak with someone regarding the 2019 Street Rehabilitation Project. 

Please remember to drive and walk carefully through the construction zone.