Residential Sump Pump Disconnection Program

What is it?

The Residential Sump Pump Disconnection Program has been implemented to reduce costly and unnecessary sanitary sewer overflows and backups. For a limited time only, the Village is offering a 20% rebate to homeowners that eliminate illegal sump pump connections. If you have an illegal sump pump connection, please consider taking advantage of this limited offering while it lasts.

In order to receive a rebate, the project must begin at the Community Development Department with a permit application and a plan for the project. Once the project is completed and inspected, you must submit to the Village a Certificate of Compliance completed by a licensed plumber and a paid invoice from your contractor.

Why is it important?

  1. Eliminating illegal sump pump connections can reduce sanitary sewer backups and basement flooding. In the aggregate, illegal connections put millions of gallons of storm water into the sanitary sewer system, overburdening the system and causing backups.
  2. Illegal sump pump connections costs taxpayers’ money. When sump pumps are connected incorrectly, the Village is forced to unnecessarily treat clean storm water at its Water Reclamation Facility. This is an unnecessary expense borne by all taxpayers.
  3. Having this type of connection in your home is illegal. If you are unsure about whether or not you have this connection, contact your preferred plumber or the Community Development Department at 847.719.7484.
Illegal Sump Pump


For more information, contact the Community Development Department via email at or by phone at 847.719.7484.