Olives 4 You

Olives4you is a small family business that specializes in Mediterranean products. Our main focus lies in Farmers Markets in Illinois where people come to purchase fresh products and enjoy a little
moment of socializing away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

A wide display of fresh olives greets a visitor to our booth...colorful medleys, marinated olives, stuffed olives...imported from all over the Mediterranean to help you feel like you have been transported to a little market on a distant shore.

The family, Jean-Pierre, Paula, Jean-Louis, Stephanie and Laura, take great pride in our fresh products and in being able to bring them to your table to make any meal
memorable! Though most of us hail from the south of France we are, as most families, an amalgamation of many Mediterranean influences.

Visit: www.olives-4-you.com