Historical Society



Founded in 1968, the Deerfield Historical Society is an organization for the whole family. The purpose of the Deerfield Area Historical Society is to preserve the significant historical sites, buildings and artifacts of the area, to contribute to the recorded history of Deerfield and to promote an understanding of the area's history by all means and programs appropriate to the purpose. Each year the Society offers numerous activities and events catering to a variety of interests and ages.

New Members or Visitors

The Society is an active and growing organization that always welcomes new members and visitors. Membership includes Deerfield area residents who have a common interest in Deerfield's history. To become a member or to learn more about the Historical Society, call (847) 948-0680, visit the society webpage or visit the society Facebook.

Train bound for Chicago from Deerfield to deliver milk
1909 Delivery Horse Wagon

Contact Deerfield Area Historic Society 

P.O. Box 520, Deerfield, IL 60015
(847) 948-0680