About Deerfield


Incorporation as a Village

In 1903, with less than 500 residents, the Village of Deerfield was incorporated with John C. Ender as the Village Board President. Years later, the Village is a thriving community with scores of possibility and opportunity.


Deerfield is located in Lake County with a portion in Cook County and covers an area of approximately 7.0 square miles. The Village is bordered to the west by Riverwoods, Highland Park to the east, Northbrook to the south and by Bannockburn and Lake Forest to the north.

Government Bodies

The Village is a home-rule unit of government pursuant to a referendum on April 15, 1975 and operates under the council/manager form of government. Deerfield is governed by a Mayor and a six member Board of Trustees, all of whom are elected for a 4 year staggered term, and who serve without pay. The Board is the legislative body of the Village government. The administrative work is performed under the direction of the Village Manager, who is salaried and appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees. There are 18 boards and commissions appointed to assist the Village board in its policy-making decisions. While most operate at the sole discretion of the Village Board, some have specific duties and obligations established by state law. The overall communication process between the Village and its residents is enhanced through the voluntary service of more than 100 citizens who serve as advisors to the Mayor and The Board of Trustees.


The Illinois Tri-State Toll-road (Interstate 94) runs through the western part of the Village and the Toll-road spur connecting the Tri-State Toll-road and Eden’s Expressway (four miles east) is the approximate southern boundary of the Village. The Village is home to many corporate headquarters, research centers and facilities for many well-known national and international companies.
 Demographic Answer or Detail
Founded 1903
Township West Deerfield
Counties Lake and Cook
Government Council/Manager
Size 7.0 Square Miles
Population 19,196
Number of Households 6,638
Median Age of Residents 42.6
Median Household Income $129,187
Median Home Value $520,300
Bond Rating AAA
Tax Rate Per $100 $7.06
Distance to Chicago Loop 27 Miles