Sharpening by Dave

"20 years of experience have honed Dave and Amanda Nells' sharpening skills. He took up the craft at the suggestion of a family member who thought he could maintain her shears better than other people she had tried, and that he could even make a career of it. They have done so and now just about anything with a blade can be improved by their talents. He and his wife, Amanda aka Mrs. Dave, are fixtures at many Chicago area farmers markets. Home cooks and personal chefs bring their knives to him regularly. In addition, Dave and Amanda sharpen equipment for stylists, pet groomers, landscapers and Mrs. Dave is especially "a pro at gardening tools."" They have evolved to making more house calls and personal sharpenings, so if you don't see them at your favorite farmers market just give a call or text to 847-354-2547.

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