Deerfield teens, are you looking to help the community and make a little money? Deerfield residents, do you or someone you know need help from time to time shoveling snow, mowing the lawn or raking leaves? Let the Village help connect you.

Deerfield’s TeenConnect program aims to connect Deerfield teens who are available to do outside yard work, including snow shoveling, with Deerfield residents who need the service.

The Village has created a database of teens who are looking for this kind of yard work. The TeenConnect list provide contact information for Deerfield teens including the name and address of the teen, days of availability, type of work they are willing to do and their expected rate of pay. The application requires a parent or legal guardian’s signature for teens under the age of 18. The list is updated every year.

Residents will then be able to receive the list by mail or email. The resident will be responsible for contacting the teen and for making financial and scheduling arrangements.

The intent of this program is to assist residents who are unable to do physical work themselves, unable to afford the cost of a professional contractor on a regular basis or only would require assistance on an as-needed basis.

For more information on the program or to find an application, print this form (PDF) or the online fillable version, or call the Village Manager’s Office at 847.719.7400.