Vehicle Stickers

Permits & Regulations - Vehicle Sticker Regulations

Vehicle stickers must be displayed by July 1 - $30 per passenger vehicle. Access the Vehicle License Form (PDF). Find the Online Vehicle Sticker Payment (Online payments subject to Illinois E-Pay convenience fee).

New residents must purchase vehicle licenses within 30 days after residency is established in the Village. Current residents must purchase a license (or obtain a transfer license) within 30 days of purchase for newly purchased vehicles.

Residents may purchase vehicle stickers in person at Village Hall or may return their renewal forms via mail or in the drop box located in the median just south of Village Hall on Jewett Park Drive. Residents can also pay for regular priced passenger vehicle stickers only, online by clicking here. Online payments are subject to an Illinois E-Pay convenience fee. The convenience fee is not charged or collected by the Village of Deerfield.


The annual fee to be paid for vehicle licenses shall be as follows:

School Bus Registration

Buses operated by a not-for-profit, public or parochial school, or operated with a certificate of convenience and necessity, will not, upon presentation of proper documentation, be required to pay a registration fee.

Failing to Purchase and Properly Display

Any person failing to purchase and properly display the vehicle license described shall be fined $40. Any person purchasing a vehicle license after July 1 in any year shall result in the annual license fee set forth being increased by fifty percent 50%.
Vehicle Type
Fee ($)
Passenger Cars
School Buses
No Charge
Vehicles Titled to the State / Political Subdivision / Local Government Unit
No Charge
Trucks or Buses Weight in Pounds (lbs.) Fee ($)
8,000 lbs. or less 30
8,001 to 12,000 lbs. 37.50
12,001 to 24,000 lbs. 50
24,001 to 32,000 lbs. 67.50
32,001 to 50,000 lbs. 82
50,001 to 64,000 lbs. 97.50
64,001 and over 112
Recreational Vehicle/Trailer Weight in Pounds (lbs.) Fee ($)
3,000 lbs. or less 15
3,001 to 8,000 lbs. 30
8,001 and over 45
Transfers are $1.

School Buses Details

Table applies to school buses operated by a not-for-profit corporation, or a public or parochial school or buses operated by a company on a certificate of convenience and necessity from the Illinois Commerce Commission.


Vehicles referenced in table apply to vehicles titled to the State, any political subdivision of the state or any unit of local government