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Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force











 Northwest Quadrant Master Plan (Preferred Plan D and Interim Plan D1)


August 5, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting

Report of the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force for an Amendment to the Village's Comprehensive Plan for the Northwest Quadrant of the Village Center (agenda item for the Board of Trustees August 5, 2013 meeting, 7:30 pm)


April 24, 2013 Task Force Meeting


Steering Committee Distribution


March 19 Open House

Please plan to join us for an open house on Tuesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. in the Robert D. Franz Council Chambers on the second floor of Village Hall located at 850 Waukegan Road. Residents are encouraged to attend and provide input on the Master Plan for the Northwest Quadrant of the Village Center. The format of the public open house will begin with a presentation of the design process and the alternatives studied.
Click here for the recent article in the March/April issue of D-Tales which explains the background of the Task Force and their activities through the end of 2012.
Since January 2013, the consultant team and staff have met with the following entities: Park District staff, the Park District Board, Library Board, First Presbyterian Church staff, First Presbyterian Church Session, and the American Legion representatives to further gain their input and answer their questions. 
Click here for the Concept Master Plan Option D shown at the Task Force’s November 28, 2012 meeting, and the Revised Concept Master Plan Option D-1 which was modified based on input from the Park District staff, Church staff, and American Legion and used in discussions with the Park District Board, Library Board, and Church Session. 
Open house attendees will be encouraged to share their comments and input. After all the input has been gathered, the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force will regroup after the March 19 public open house to work toward a final Master Plan. 

Church Traffic Report


November 28, 2012 Task Force Meeting


Concept Plan 


October 23, 2012 Task Force Meeting


Draft Plan Alternatives and Options


October 3, 2012 Task Force Meeting


Traffic & Parking Memo

Vehicle Loading Observations Memo


Background of Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force

Last year the Board of Trustees authorized the creation of the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force. Trustee Tom Jester was appointed as Chairman. The Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force consists of 17 members and 2 staff members. The Task Force is made up of all of the major stakeholders in the quadrant including the Park District, Library, Village, Presbyterian Church, AT&T, the commercial property owners, and Chairmans of the Plan Commission, VCDC, ARC, and a member of the Sustainability Commission. The Northwest Quadrant of the Village Center currently suffers from a lack of pedestrian friendliness, disconnected parking lots, a disjointed roadway/circulation system, a lack of adequate space for safe drop offs for children’s day care, and a general lack of a unified campus.
The purpose of the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force was to bring together the stakeholders to study the northwest quadrant and develop a Master Plan for the entire quadrant. As the majority of property in the northwest quadrant is public lands, the Task Force believes that property lines should not be a consideration in developing a Master Plan. The Master Plan will ignore property lines so a campus setting can be developed to better serve our community. The Task Force also stayed within the current Comprehensive Plan that advises no further commercial development be allowed in the Northwest Quadrant. 
The Task Force held three meetings, in February, March, and April of 2012. The first meeting was an introductory meeting and the next two meetings were workshop meetings. The workshop meetings helped the Task Force to define the issues, develop a list of items they would like to see accomplished, and establish a vision and the goals for the Northwest Quadrant. The summary of the Task Force’s workshop meetings, their vision and goals for the Northwest Quadrant, and their minutes can be viewed below.
Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Design Services
After the completion of the Task Force’s goals and visioning process in April, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was sent to ten qualified design firms to assist the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force in the creation of a Master Plan for the Northwest Quadrant.  Seven design firms submitted responses to the RFQ. A subcommittee of the Task Force interviewed the four qualified finalist firms and selected Teska Associates as the firm to design the Master Plan for the Northwest Quadrant. The design team selected consists of Teska Associates, Hitchcock Design Group, Gewalt Hamilton, and Bondy Studios. On August 20, 2012, the Board of Trustees approved Teska Associates as consultant for design services to assist the Northwest Quadrant Unified Task Force to create a Master Plan for the northwest quadrant of the Village Center.
Master Plan for the Northwest Quadrant - Fall 2012 and Winter 2013
The creation of a Master Plan for the quadrant will result a comprehensive design plan. This Master Plan document will serve as a guide for the Northwest Quadrant that will be implemented over the next 20 years when public institutions and land owners in the Northwest Quadrant make improvements to their properties.  All property owners, both public and private, will still be required to go through the Village’s zoning approval process as they make improvements to their property. The creation of a Master Plan for the quadrant does not waive the future zoning approval process as each property in the Northwest Quadrant will be required to obtain zoning approval of their projects. The Master Plan will serve as a detailed guide when each public entity/property owner in the quadrant makes improvements to their property in the future.


Task Force Summary - from 2012 winter and spring workshop meetings

Task Force Visions & Goals - from 2012 winter and spring workshop meetings


Task Force Approved Minutes:

February 29, 2012

March 21, 2012

April 25, 2012

October 3, 3012

October 23, 2012

November 28, 2012

March 19, 2013 Open House

April 24, 2013


RFQ for Consultants for Design Services - May 2012

Map of the Northwest Quadrant



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