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Regulation of Solicitors


The Deerfield Police Department routinely receives inquiries concerning the registration of solicitors and peddlers. Local ordinance distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial solicitation as follows:

Commercial Solicitation or Soliciting: Any activity where a person goes upon the premise of any private residence in the village, not having been invited by the occupant thereof, for the purpose of taking or attempting to take orders for the sale of goods, merchandise, services, or other property of any nature for future delivery or performance.
Noncommercial Solicitation or Soliciting: Any activity where a person goes upon the premise of any private residence in the village, not having been invited by the occupant thereof, to request gifts, contributions or money or goods, or support for any charitable, political, religious, or not for profit association, organization, corporation, or purpose.
The law and local ordinance are very specific regarding restrictions that may be imposed upon commercial solicitors. Those restrictions include licensing, license requirements, license fees, and hours of operation. In 2002 the United States Supreme Court ruled on a case that greatly reduced the restrictions and requirements that could be placed on noncommercial solicitors.
Residents who are concerned about unknown individuals approaching their front doors, or do not wish to receive the message, should politely ask the solicitor to leave. Individuals commit the offense of trespass if they do not depart your property when asked. If you are concerned that individuals in your neighborhood are not engaged in legitimate solicitation, call the Deerfield Police Department. Finally, property owners who do not wish to be disturbed by any door-to-door solicitors are not invited. Solicitors are required to honor this prohibition, and commit the offense of trespass if they do not.
  • All solicitors are obligation to abide by the following regulations:
  • No persons shall engage in solicitation or peddling upon any private property after having been asked by the owner or occupant thereof of leave such property.
It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in peddling or solicitation upon any private premise or residence or business located thereon if such premise or residence is posted against solicitation or peddling by means of a notice, prominently displayed upon which is printed the legend:
For purposes of the proceeding sentence, a private property shall be deemed to be posted against solicitation or peddling if there is exhibited, on or near the main entrance to the property or on or near the main door to any structure located thereon, a sign at least three inches by four inches (3” x 4”) in size with letters at lease one-third inch (1/3”) in height, which bears the above legend.
Signs complying with the foregoing requirements are available to residents at not cost at the Police Department or Village Hall.
If it is your preference to regulate solicitors that may knock on your door, the Police Department highly recommends obtaining a sign as described above and displaying it in a prominent place near the entryway of your home.

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