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2016 Community Survey


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    1. The Deerfield Police Department has identified the following core values to guide interactions and provide staff members with ideals needed to achieve department goals and meet the overall mission.
      - Professionalism in day-to-day activities of law enforcement and serving the community
      - A community that is safe for its residents and visitors
      - A balance of service, training, career development, and personal time that provides staff with the opportunity for success at the workplace and home - Human rights that are the foundation of the country and society

      The following survey will help us determine if we are a reflection of these core values and evaluate the courtesy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the department. Thank you for your time and interest in assisting the department improve our service to the community.

    2. I am:

    3. My age is:

    4. How many years have you lived in Deerfield?

    5. For each category, indicate your feeling of safety.

    6. Your Neighborhood

    7. Village Streets at Night

    8. Shopping Areas

    9. Parks

    10. Overall Feeling of Safety in the Village

    11. Please rate the concerns you have for your neighborhood or the community as a whole.

    12. Drugs

    13. Burglaries/Ruse Crimes

    14. Underage Drinking/Parties

    15. Noise Concerns

    16. Speeding Vehicles

    17. Parking Problems

    18. Other Traffic Problems

    19. Animal Problems

    20. For those issues, what is your level of concern?