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Posted on: April 2, 2020

A Message from Mayor Harriet Rosenthal - April 2

Mayor RosenthalWe need to take the COVID-19 emergency seriously. Children continue to play in groups with friends. Our Police Department has had to breakup large birthday parties for teenagers. People continue to socialize with friends from outside of their household. This cannot continue. Today I issued a Supplemental Order under the Village’s Declaration of Emergency prohibiting contact sports and group exercise on public property to further our goal of flattening the curve.

Under the new Supplemental Order:

1.         No person may, at any time, be present at or upon any public building or structure, public place or property, or public street or highway in the Village for the purpose of (a) participating in close-contact group sports (such as basketball, soccer, football, or similar group sports), or (b) engaging in any sport or recreational activity that uses or involves shared equipment (such as tennis balls, frisbees, and baseballs); and

2.         No person may, at any time, be present at or upon any public building or structure, public place or property, or public street or highway in the Village for the purpose of participating in group exercise programs (such as group running, cycling, training, athletic classes or similar group exercise activities). For purposes of  Section 2 of the Supplemental Order, the term "group" means more than one person but shall not apply to members of a household or residence. "Members of a household or residence" shall mean a group of people, whether related or unrelated, who occupy the same dwelling unit on a full-time basis and utilize common cooking, eating, and sanitation facilities.

I know most residents are following the Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, but many are not. There are many who will have only mild symptoms and some who may not have any symptoms at all. Those are individuals who could unknowingly transmit the virus to some of our most vulnerable populations or introduce it into congregate settings. The sooner everybody takes this seriously, the sooner we will start to see results.  Most importantly, taking the Stay-At-Home Order seriously saves lives.

There is some confusion about the Stay-At-Home Order and social distancing. The Governor’s Stay at Home order has two components – (1) stay at home and (2) if you do go out pursuant to an exception to the stay-at-home mandate, then engage in social distancing.

The Stay-At-Home Order comes first, social distancing comes second. You may leave your home ONLY to perform the following allowable six activities:

Health and safety – obtaining emergency services, visiting a healthcare professional, picking up medical supplies or medications

Outdoor activities – walking, hiking, jogging, biking (no group exercise or contact sports on public property in the Village of Deerfield)

Supplies and Services – shopping for groceries, gasoline, take-out food, products necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operations of homes

Care of others – travel to care for the elderly, family member, persons with disabilities or underlying health conditions, a friend or pet in another household

Essential businesses and operations – travel to perform work providing essential products and services, such as health care and public health, public safety, governmental functions, banks, food and agriculture, and media

Funerals – permissible provided the gathering consists of no more than 10 attendees and the space utilized allows for social distancing (6 feet spacing between people). If possible, venues should make accommodations for remote attendance

If you are leaving your house for any other reason, you are in violation of the Stay-At-Home Order.

Use social distancing when you are out for any of the six permissible reasons for leaving your house. Social distancing is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. If you do leave home, stay at least 6 feet apart from other people.

Stay safe,


Stay at Home

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