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Aug 05

Paving Planned for Next Week on Rosewood, Montgomery and in Poets Corner

Posted on August 5, 2022 at 3:35 PM by John Guccione

Surface paving is planned to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (August 9th &10th). Paving will begin on Tuesday morning at Rosewood Avenue, and will then move to Montgomery Road.   Once completed at those locations, the contractor will mobilize to the Poets corner subdivision to pave Kipling Place (on Tuesday afternoon).  The contractor will return to pave the remaining roads in the subdivision on Wednesday.  

It is our intention to pave all areas near schools before school begins the week of the 15th.  The contractor will return at a later date to place surface at Charing Cross, Plum Tree, Gordon Terrace and Price Lane. Additional notice will be sent prior to paving those locations.

The paving operation will at times result in the full closure of the roadway and will include heavy truck traffic while the paving is taking place. During this time and if possible, please avoid the construction operations and utilize adjacent roadways. We ask residents who require frequent vehicular movement in or out of their home to relocate their vehicles outside of the project limits. If vehicular access is not needed, then the relocation of the vehicle is not necessary. Please note that the contractor will halt operations for any emergency vehicles and all driveways will be accessible at the completion of the work day. 

NO PARKING is allowed on the roadway on Monday through Wednesday during paving operations. Residents are asked to inform any guests, landscapers, or home contractors they may have of the parking situation. 

Please be aware that signs stating “Fresh Oil” may be observed throughout the time period when asphalt paving will occur. The use of fresh oil helps different layers of asphalt to adhere to one another providing a longer lasting final product. Residents should be mindful of driving through fresh oil and use adjacent routes if possible. If motorists must drive through fresh oil, please drive slowly. Driving at higher speeds through fresh oil may cause the material to adhere to the undercarriage and/or fenders of the car, which can be difficult and costly to remove.