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Jul 25

Paving Underway: Montgomery, then Kipling, Byron, Hermitage, Whittier & Longfellow

Posted on July 25, 2022 at 10:24 AM by John Guccione

Due to the rain over the weekend, which impacted the sub-base on Price Lane, the remaining paving on Price Lane will take place on Tuesday, July 26 at 7a.m..

Resulting from the schedule revision, 1 inch leveling paving began on Montgomery this morning and is almost completed as of 10 a.m. Paving will be completed around 10:30 a.m. today on Montgomery. 

The paving operation will arrive today, (Monday, July 25) around 11 a.m. to the Poets Corner Sub-Division. The paving operation will begin on Kipling and pave in the following order after Kipling Place: Byron, Hermitage, Whittier & Longfellow (paving Waukegan back to Kipling).   On Byron, Hermitage, Whittier and Longfellow, the contractor will pave the full-width of the roadway in one pass.   This will require systematic closures of the roadway.  Access will be provided around the backside of the paving operation, as Longfellow and Hermitage will serve as detour routes for each other (while each of the other is being paved).  There will be a flagger on-site to assist with traffic control.

Roadway paving will result in a temporary closure of the roadway.  Access shall always be provided for emergency vehicles when required.  Once the asphalt has reached the required compaction and has had time to cool, traffic will be permitted back on the roadway. Today, traffic will be allowed on the new pavement within 15-30 minutes after placement.  

The contractor intends to complete the placement of 1" leveling in the Poets Corner Sub-Division by the end of the day today. 

PAVING-Poets-Corner copy