Jul 16

Woodvale Ave Update - 7/16/2020

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 2:01 PM by Tyler Dickinson


The following information was also hand delivered to properties along the project limits this afternoon. 

Around a month ago, the contractor installed sod in front of your home as part of the restoration from the Woodvale Avenue Project. Since then, you may have noticed the contractor watering this sod to help ensure it continues to grow and thrive.

However, as the contractor has met their obligation, watering responsibilities now fall upon the homeowner. In an effort to maintain the health of the new sod, below are some instructions on future watering.

  • During times of excessive heat, residents should begin watering on a daily basis.  If high temperatures persist, it is imperative for the life of the newly planted grass that it receives a substantial amount of watering daily.
  • Water every day or every other day depending on heat, drought and wind. Provide ¼” to ½” of water per time. Your lawn will develop a stronger root system with less frequent but deeper watering.
  • Hot, dry, and windy conditions will require additional watering.

The Village of Deerfield would like to thank you for their cooperation throughout the construction project. If you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Village of Deerfield Engineering Department at 1-847-317-2490.

Jun 28

Woodvale Ave Update - 6/28/2020 - Paving Monday

Posted on June 28, 2020 at 8:24 PM by Tyler Dickinson

June 28, 2020


As previously communicated Friday, the contractor anticipates completing the final paving tomorrow. Please be aware that this work will result in a full closure of Woodvale Avenue and Woodridge Court for the day. See below for a copy of the notice that was distributed on Friday with additional information.


This is a courtesy notice to inform you that weather depending, the final layer of paving has been scheduled to take place on Monday, June 29, 2020. Due to roadway limitations, Woodvale Avenue and Woodridge Court will be closed to all traffic for the day.  Traffic will be allowed back onto these streets by the end of the day and all driveways will be accessible at the end of the day as well.

Since the roadway will be closed,
residents that need vehicular access during the day of paving are encouraged to park their vehicles on nearby side streets prior to 7a.m. Monday morning. When parking on side streets, please be mindful of driveways and park in a manner that will allow the paving trucks to travel up and down the roadway.

This schedule is 100% weather dependent. Weather today and over the weekend could have additional impacts on the contractor’s schedule which may result in this schedule changing. Please check the project’s website/blog via the Village’s website for any updates that may come up prior to the pave. All updates will be given via this website.

Prior to this final asphalt layer, the contractor is required to install fresh oil to the existing pavement. This work will occur at 4 am the morning of the pave. “Fresh Oil” signs will be installed throughout the time period when asphalt paving will occur. The use of fresh oil helps different layers of asphalt to adhere to one another providing a longer lasting final product. Residents should be mindful of driving through fresh oil. If motorists must drive through fresh oil, please do so slowly. Driving at higher speeds through fresh oil may cause the material to adhere to the undercarriage and/or fenders of the car, which can be difficult and costly to remove.

The Village appreciates your effort in helping to complete this improvement. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Village of Deerfield Engineering Department at 847-317-2490 and request to speak with someone regarding the Project.


Jun 23

Woodvale Ave Update - 6/23/2020

Posted on June 23, 2020 at 7:28 AM by Tyler Dickinson

June 23, 2020


Over the last couple weeks, the contractor has been able to restore the impacts caused by construction. This includes the any remaining concrete sidewalks, topsoil and sod, seed and blanket, as well as the plantings of new native vegetation within the new ditch line (see below). They were also able to complete the North Avenue concrete roadway patching and open it back up to traffic.



This week, the contractor will be completing the standard utility structure adjustments that are within the new roadway footprint. This requires the contractor to break up the new pavement and raise the structures up to final pavement elevation. It is anticipated that final paving will occur in around two weeks. Additional notices will be delivered prior to paving.


TRASH: Until final paving is complete, the Village will continue with the previously scheduled early trash pickup.