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Jun 11

Construction Update for Week of June 14

Posted to 2021 Street Rehabilitation Project by Tyler Dickinson

Ambleside, Dimmeydale, and Windcrest

This week, the contractor was able to complete the first round of the curb installation as well as approximately half of the sidewalk. Today, the contractor installed the sidewalk in front of all impacted driveways, thereby allowing access again on Monday once the contractor opens them up.

Next week, the contractor will complete the remaining sidewalk and also begin curb and sidewalk removals on the other side of the streets. These removals will impact driveways beginning on Wednesday. A hand delivered notice with more information was distributed this afternoon.

Greenwood Avenue

Greenwood Avenue will be open for parking this weekend and residents are encouraged to park as usual. There will not be a need to park along Deere Park Ct until Monday morning.

The contractor continued the water main and storm sewer installation this week, including the new water main connection out to Deere Park Ct. With the exception of the private water service transfers to the new main, the contractor anticipates completing the remaining underground work by the end of the week. Once appropriate testing is completed on the water main, the contractor will return to complete the water service transfers to the new main.

Reminder that trash collection at all locations has been rescheduled for early pickup, starting at 6:30am. This is in an effort to avoid any conflicts with the construction crews.

Jul 01

Deerfield Village Wide Drainage Study Open House Update

Posted to Deerfield Village Wide Drainage Study by John Guccione


Similar to other established communities, the Village of Deerfield has historically experienced flooding from local creeks as well as urban flooding when rainfall overwhelms the Village’s storm water system. To assist in evaluating existing conditions and develop alternatives to address identified deficiencies, the Village has retained the services of Christopher B. Burke Engineering to conduct a Village wide drainage study and ultimately, a storm water master
plan. The scope of the master plan includes, but is not limited to, studying and analyzing the existing storm sewer system, building and confirming a hydrologic / hydraulic model, determining flood reduction projects, the preparation of a Village wide drainage study report, and exploring the possible validity of a future storm water utility fee. The ability to accurately understand the Village’s stormwater deficiencies and its future stormwater improvements will allow for the proactive planning and improvement to such areas.

Since the beginning of March, data has been collected throughout the Village to aid in the Village-wide Storm Water Master Plan.  Although the stay-at-home order did force a cancellation the originally scheduled public open house on April 1, it has had a limited impact on steps needed to develop a comprehensive view of the Village’s drainage network.  During the month of May, there were two high intensity storm events in the Village that helped verify the analysis of the storm sewer network. During July, Christopher B. Burke Engineering will also be collecting information from residents to verify the results of this analysis and developing alternatives to mitigate flooding and increasing storm sewer capacity through know problem areas.  Resident and business owner feedback is critical to the success of this project.  A flood damage questionnaire and short presentation will provide an explanation of the project and highlight the schedule and deliverables. This questionnaire and short presentation will be readily available on the Village’s website starting in early July. It will also contain details on how to electronically submit feedback. The Village’s asks that all feedback be submitted to the consultant by July 24.