Boards & Commissions A - M

  1. Appearance Review Commission (ARC)

    Any exterior changes which would require a building permit or a deviation from an approved Planned Unit development need a certificate of approval from this commission.

  2. Board of Building Appeals

    This board hears appeals on decisions made by the code enforcement officer enforcing the building ordinances and recommends action to the board of trustees regarding such appeals.

  3. Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

    The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and provides recommendations as required under the terms of the Village Zoning Ordinance.

  4. Cable & Telecommunications Commission

    Regulates the use of the Village's right-of-way by telecommunications service providers. Oversees the Village's cable TV system, including operation of the Deerfield Info Channel. Resolves customer complaints relating to cable TV service.

  5. Cemetery Commission

    Arranges for the care and maintenance of the Deerfield Cemetery. Maintains records of plot ownership at the cemetery.

  6. Committee of the Whole

    Find the agendas and general information about the Committee of the Whole.

  7. Community Relations Commission

    Study and recommend means of developing better relationships among all residents in all community activities. Identify and evaluate the social, recreational and developmental needs of village youth and how they might participate in all aspects of community life. Initiate and conduct educational and informational programs to promote diversity.

  8. Electrical Commission

    Recommends standards, specifications, and rules and regulations governing the installation, alteration, and use of electrical equipment in the Village.

  9. Family Days Commission

    The Family Days Commission is established to organize, plan and execute Family Days events and activities celebrating the 3rd and 4th of July, for the general public's enjoyment.

  10. Fine Arts Commission

    Promotes and encourages the artistic and cultural environment within the Village. Sponsors and coordinates events and activities which enhance cultural enrichment opportunities for residents.