Approvals & Procedures

Appearance Review Commission (ARC)

Any exterior changes which would require a building permit or a deviation from an approved PUD need a certificate of approval issued by the Appearance Review Commission (ARC), including changes to building facades, sites, landscaping, and signs. The ARC has jurisdiction within the Village Center boundaries and in the C-2 Outlying Commercial District.

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and provides recommendations as required under the terms of the Village Zoning Ordinance. The Board of Zoning Appeals has certain criteria that need to be met before a variation or modification can be granted. Variation and modification requests may include variations from minimum lot requirements; bulk regulations; off-street parking and loading requirements; nonconformities; modifications for fences and signs; and other provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.


The Village of Deerfield Engineering Department provides civil engineering assistance to other Village departments, residents, builders and developers.

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission hears all land use petitions in the Village of Deerfield. A new business or a change to an existing business or existing property may require Plan Commission approval. The Plan Commission holds public hearings for Special Uses, Planned Unit Developments, Text Amendments, Subdivisions, Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, and other land use issues. When considering a request, the Plan Commission considers its standards, the Comprehensive Plan, the petitioner’s proposal and public input, and makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board considers the Plan Commission’s recommendation and makes a final decision.

Village Center Development Commission

The Village Center Development Commission (VCDC) has jurisdiction within the Village Center boundaries (downtown Deerfield). The VCDC deals with all development and redevelopment activities in the Village Center. They serve as a sounding board for ideas and proposals to keep the Village Center as the focal point of the community. The Commission examines ways to promote the downtown and also considers major land use petitions taking place in the Village Center.

Window Signage Regulations

The purpose of window sign regulations is to promote the high aesthetic values that make Deerfield a desirable place to shop and to contribute to the success of our commercial community. This pamphlet summarizes the requirements of the window sign code.