Programs & Regulations

  1. Farmers Market

    Learn about the summer farmers market that's a favorite in Deerfield!

  2. 50 / 50 Parkway Tree Program

    The Village will pay half the cost of 1 tree per residence per year to be planted in the parkway.

  3. Block Party Application

    If your neighborhood is interested in holding a block party, please fill out the Block Party Application and return it to the Community Development Department.

  4. Hen Keeping Program Application (PDF)

    Fill out the chicken registration application in order to keep hens.

  5. Taxi Subsidy Program

    The taxi subsidy program is a wonderful program in Deerfield; learn if you are eligible, how the program works, what to do if there are multiple riders, which taxi companies to call, and how to officially sign up.

  6. Vehicle Stickers

    Find vehicle license information, vehicle sticker qualifications, and more.

  7. Yard Waste Collection

    Yard waste is collected once per week from April 1st until December 15th. The first collection will start on Tuesday, April 5th, or Wednesday, April 6th, depending on your pick-up schedule.

  8. Garage/Estate Sale

  9. TeenConnect

    A residential household program that matches homeowners in need of assistance with outdoor work with teenagers willing to help with common outdoor housekeeping items such as mowing the lawn and shoveling snow.

  10. Cross-Connection Control Program