Vendor Bios

  1. Cheese People

    The Cheese People create new cheeses unique and new to even them as cheese lovers, to bring forth to farmers markets.

  2. Frillman Farms

    This 8-acre operation is located in unincorporated Prairie View and brings organic and other offerings to the market.

  3. Golden Rise Bakery

    Golden Rise Bakery strives to bring customers fresh and delicious baked goods to enjoy.

  4. Hair of the Ferret Gourmet Salsas

    17 years in the business, Hair of the Ferret uses fresh ingredients, producing a product that is all natural with no preservatives.

  5. Richard Oosterhoff & Son Flowers

    The Oosterhoff family grows about 40 acres of flowers in the field and another 20,000 square feet in greenhouses and shade houses.

  6. Sharpening by Dave

    Get your equipment and cutlery sharpened by Dave!

  7. Z Baking

    Buy some delicious bread from Z Baking.